We are super happy to have you here on this page because we know that there are just a bunch of people out there in the world who really enjoy living the degenerate lifestyle and that is not necessarily something to be ashamed of at all and we know that a lot of degenerates are actually really good people who know what they are doing in general and things like that, so we are just greatly intrigued by all of the degenerates out there and we are in some ways really jealous of all of you as well. But it’s a good thing that I myself was a really big degenerate back in my college days back in Boulder, Colorado, which is definitely a place in which a bunch of rich kids from all over America go to college and just become complete degenerates and it is also just a really fun town that is full of intrigue and a lot of great times and that is something that I think all of us should consider for the most part but we are really happy to be here and we are really happy to have all of you here! We think that as we consider all of the best of the best people we would definitely understand that there are just a bunch of people who are going in and out of the best places that go in really hard and we are just super stoked to tell you more about the degenerate lifestyle because a bunch of people here are interested in living life like this and it totally makes a bunch of sense so let’s continue to talk more about the degenerate lifestyle.

So for the most part a degenerate person usually doesn’t have a job to get up early in the morning for, and maybe they do have a job but it more than likely doesn’t require all that much responsibility because that is something that is not the strength of a degenerate. So for the most part a degenerate will wake up in the morning at least around 9 or 10 in the morning and sometimes later if they have been drinking the night before which is more than likely the case. Usually the first thing a degenerate will do in the morning is smoke some weed and get a little bit high and already start making their day decisions with a clouded mind like usual. Of course they can get into some really good situations while making their plans when they are high and maybe we can include a lot of degenerates who love being outside and active with their lives and they might be planning cool activities all of the time, but just because you are in really good shape and live an active lifestyle doesn’t mean that you aren’t a degenerate.

Of course every now and again a degenerate is going to have to ask their parents for some money because they aren’t really killing it at all in life and are actually just living within a facade that is their faded realities.

We are the type of people here in America who think about ourselves most of the time and we are for sure going to be talking about a bunch of fun things that are going to be happening in the world just in general and we know that we are just really excited to have you here on this page because we definitely know that if you are a millennial who is involved in the world in some way or another then you probably understand a lot of what we are going to be talking about and we are just going to dive deep into just exactly how and why the millennial generation has become a generation of degenerates. So get up, by active, be the type of person that you’ve always dreamed of being because your time on earth is of course limited and you only are going to be alive for a little while. Being alive is definitely a privilege and you are going to want to take full advantage of the privilege of life, but of course there are a bunch of people who are living out in the world and not doing anything with themselves, and they didn’t just get like that over night and we should definitely start to understand a little bit more that the people out here in our culture are definitely not always going to be the best people and that we are always going to be dealing with some really gnarly people who just suck in the world, and what we are going to be discussing on this group of blogs and articles is all of the problems that has helped create this degenerate society in which we all live in today, and we know that the younger American generation definitely has a bunch of problems but we should definitely understand that we are here on earth and in America for a purpose but if you can’t find your purpose right away in life that doesn’t necessarily mean you should just become an alcoholic and degenerate. In this article we are going to discuss how millennials are the most self-absorbed of all American generations and how this has come to be, so let’s continue to talk more about how we are currently involved within a self-involved generation.

So what we mean by saying that the current younger generation in America is a self-involved generation pretty much means that everyone who is young is pretty selfish and doesn’t really think all that much about other people, and there are of course a bunch of reasons why this type of thing has happened in our culture and we should definitely figure out these problems a little bit more because we are pretty sure that all of the people involved in this type of page is going to understand that we are definitely really epic people if we try hard and we should definitely understand this type of thing a little more so thanks for being here.

So what we are talking about throughout this entire web page is just the millennial generation and the degenerate lifestyle that seems to be predominately permeating in a place like the United States. There are of course a bunch of aspects to our degenerate culture in our youth culture, and of course college is kind of the place in which a lot of young people start to learn how to live like a degenerate in many places, and although they are at college to learn and get a degree a lot of young people are just getting super fucked up all the time and just making it by in their classes because they know it isn’t that hard and that they can get wasted on a regular basis and still pass. This is of course not what college is all about at all but there are just a bunch of young people who are really dependent on their parents who are paying their college tuition for them and that in turn then makes these kids not so respectful to the opportunity that they have in college and then just going crazy and getting wasted because its not like their time in college is really costing them any money anyways. We are seeing more and more in this current degenerate generation that kids are graduating from college with no real life skills that they are going to need in order to get good jobs just in general, and this is of course something that is really troubling because we are not going to want to be the type of people who just suck at life but when you don’t really put a lot of effort into bettering yourself and just smoke a bunch of weed and hang out with your friends every day you aren’t going to be ready to join the corporate world in general. So what we are seeing because of this lack of responsibility and the dependency of people on their parents a lot of millennials are having a lot of trouble finding good jobs that will make them independent of their parents just in general, and we all know kids like this and it is kind of sad but at the same time you have to understand that these people definitely kind of had it coming just in general because of their lifestyles just in general. Karma can totally be a huge bitch sometime and recent college graduates are definitely seeing that when they graduate, and I think for all college graduates the real world can be very humbling and humiliating in general because when you are being a super awesome degenerate in college and living life to the fullest in some ways and then you graduate and you realize how small of a fish you are in the pond you can definitely tell that your past has lead you up to this point and that you are roughly 22 years old and not done anything that cool with your life yet, and that is when a bunch of people start to freak out and get a little bit complacent, but that still doesn’t mean that you are going to be a loser your whole life you just have to learn how to work hard in your twenties and be an epic head.

There are definitely a lot of degenerate children and young adults all over the world but for some strange reason it seems as though the most degenerates in the entire world are all huddled together in one corner of the world called the United States of America. I am not exactly sure what it is but it definitely has a lot to do with our culture in general, but a lot of young people today have seen a lot of light and fun in being a degenerate on the weekends and then going slowly but surely through their office work weeks and things like that, and of course many American degenerates don’t even have jobs but just live in college towns or something like that and live off of their rich parents. Maybe when it really comes down to it the parents of degenerates are always to blame, but in all honesty that is exactly what a degenerate would say about the problems in his or her life, so we know that when it comes down to it the degeneration that is currently abiding in America right now has definitely done everything in their lives for and towards themselves and I think we can think of a bunch of reasons why our culture has evolved in this way over the years and created this entire generation of young people who are directionless and don’t really know how they are going to impact the world and others around them but are in a way stuck within the confines of their jobs and society in general just trying to get by, and then when the weekends or a break come around they go back to their roots of their true selves and drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol and do drugs and have sex with as many mates as they can find, and this is really the type of lifestyle we see pervading the American youth in 2016. It might not be what people want to hear but it definitely is something that we can talk about for awhile, so if you are a sociologist or anything that studies or is interested in young American and foreign culture you are definitely going to like this list of articles on this page, and if you are a degenerate in any way you too are going to really like this page because we are going to make sure that we are talking a lot about the degenerate lifestyle.

So it is definitely safe to say that the millennial generation that is currently growing up and starting to join the workforce in America is slowly but surely turning into a generation of degenerates and we know this because we can see this in their lack of respect for authority and their willingness to question those in power and things of that nature, and we are definitely going to really like what we have to say so thanks for being here, us, we really do appreciate all that we do.